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O 12th International Conference on Geosyntheticsserá realizado de 18 a 22 de setembro de 2022 abordando os seguintes temas:

  1. Sustainability with Geosynthetics
  2. Geosynthetics Properties and Testing
  3. Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction
  4. Durability and Long-Term Performance
  5. Reinforced Walls and Slopes
  6. Basal reinforced Embankments, GEC, piles and shallow foundations
  7. Seismic design with geosynthetics
  8. Unpaved and paved roads
  9. Railways and other Transportation Applications
  10. Landfills and remediation of contaminated sites
  11. Filtration and Drainage
  12. Erosion Control and coastal applications
  13. Hydraulic applications: canals, reservoirs and dams
  14. Innovative materials and technologies
  15. Design approaches and other applications
  16. Case Histories
  17. Mining applications
  18. Tunnels and underground constructions

Os resumos poderão ser enviados até 28 de fevereiro de 2021:. Veja mais informações em https://www.12icg-roma.org/